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At roTeg, customer satisfaction has top priority!

We know: The quality of service is crucial for efficient production processes. Therefore we offer our customers the best possible service.

Your interests are close to our hearts.

Our service accompanies you from the installation to the maintenance and the supply of spare parts. The consultation by phone or making an appointment on site is possible at any time via our 24h hotline.

Our excellently trained service staff and technicians are reliably available to you and can reach you with our service mobile in the fastest possible time.

Prevention instead of aftercare.

Due to the regularly maintenance and control of your PARO we can guarantee you a long and efficient robot life. Try to limit the damage before it can arise by contacting us directly if necessary!

Discover your advantages in our offers and increase the capability and durability of your PARO.


roTeg Servicefahrzeug

We reduce your hourly rates for a roTeg technician from normal 90,00 € to cheap 75,00 €!

(In addition, for travel costs from normal 0,90 €/km to inexpensive 0,75 €/km and for travel hours from normal 60,00 € to super cheap 55,00 €/h)

Always reachable! On 365 days a year and by request also with roTeg diagnosis we offer a reliable phone support.

Central acquisition of all requests by phone.

After the disorder has been analyzed the service order is either transferred to roTeg IT or prepared on the working day and monitored until it is successfully resolved.

With roTeg robots, realtime connections can be established which enables outstanding functions for troubleshooting and -diagnosis. This includes the quick clarification of servo alarms with a display of possible causes as well as a detailed hardware diagram which represents corresponding parts. Furthermore the machine performance data are monitored. In this way trends can be recognized and the performance behavior of the robot can be analyzed over its entire life cycle.

In order to keep the robot system highly available, the contractor recommends the client to keep an extensive spare parts package. This will be offered to the customer in a seperate offer.

roTeg offers a flexible, individual and transparent warranty system for full protection and cost secruity. The client can choose between two warranty periods and has the opportunity to decide for the model that offers the best protection according to his requirements.

  • roTeg 24

The roTeg 24 contains the extension of the warranty to 24 months for all roTeg components and is integrated into this service agreement.

  • roTeg 36

The roTeg 36 option extends the warranty to a total of 36 months after the roTeg robot system has been installed. Full cost control for a one time processing effort.

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Preventive maintenance plans – carefully tailored to the operating conditions of your robot – reduce robotic accidents and minimize downtimes in the production.

The aim is to ensure the utilization and efficiency of the roTeg robots and systems for as long as possible. In order to minimize or avoid downtimes, the actual requirement profile was taken into account: Location parameters such as cleanliness and ambient temperature; load capacity; continious load (multi shift operation); the precision of the programming.

Our maintenance and inspection

Reliable production and failsafe

No matter what the product is, for the client counts that the reliability and failure safety of the production machines are guaranteed.

A strategy that is adapted to individual needs is important for a company. All roTeg maintenance packages are meant to extend the operating time and to prevent expensive downtimes.

roTeg preventive - maintenance and inspection

Increasingly end of line packaging systems require a comprehensive service in order to be able to guarantee an optimal operation. The contractor provides the client a service along the complete life cycle of his machine. The qualified and experienced roTeg service technicians offer a wide range of technical support at any time – whether by phone, via remote diagnosis or in a direct use on site.

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roTeg Servicefahrzeug

The service from roTeg – we are here for you and ensure the reliability of your machines

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