Conveyor technology components for pallet transport

The empty pallet magazine saves up to 15 empty pallets with euro or industrial pallet size. The pallet magazine works fully automatically and is controlled by the software of the industry PC. [more…]

Pallet roller conveyors are used to transport the full pallets. The segments are combinable in order to reach the required conveyor line and are controlled via PARO-Control. [more…]

The pallets are transported lengthways on rollers and in the transverse direction chains are used for the transport. Three phase asynchronus motors from SEW are used for the transverse ond longitundinal movement of the pallets. [more…]

The pallet conveyor technology is used for the cross transport of pallets. The side guides of the offered pallet conveyor technology are made of galvanized steel as well as the level adjustable feet. [more…]

The turntable for pallets are used to change the transport direction of the pallets. The travel direction is maintained by rotating the pallet. The execution of the turntable allows the use of full pallets weighing up to 2.000 kg. [more…]

The pallet trolley is designed for the transport of empty and full pallets within the robot cell. The instant change of full for empty pallets is crucial for the palletizing power of the robot. [mehr…]

The PVW-H model with lifting function is available as an additional equipment to increase the functionality. In the case of the pallet shuttle with lifting function, the lifting unit holds an empty pallet under the full pallet in order to minimize the changing time. [more…]

The lifting station is used to bridge a different height level of the conveyor technology. It is equipped with a pallet roller conveyor to accomodate a pallet. [mehr…]

The empty pallet shuttle supplies the robot system with empty pallets and is located under the ground axis. This makes it particularly space saving. [more…]