Easy and multifunctional:

roTeg-Control controls and manages all movement sequences – also those of the peripheral functions – controlled via a windows powered PC. The control is operated via a graphical user interface of a touch screen which is multilingual and clearly structured and can be operated intuitively.

Set in minutes:

The entire robot system can be operated intuitively with roTeg-Control. Thanks to the graphic interface the essential functions are quickly captured. It takes little more than a minute to choose a palletizing program or to create a new layer pattern. Based on the data to be entered such as lenghth, width, height and diameters of the desired pallet, the integrated packing scheme generator proposes a suitable layer pattern. This can be approved or retrospectively edited and applied directly.

Controlling made easy: Our user friendly software.

The use of a robot stands and falls with the control and their user friendliness of its operation. In 1999, roTeg continously advanced its PC based control system roTeg-Control into a fully developed system. The special feature: It enables a flexible program adaption through the user who does not need to have any programming knowledge.

Helpful modules:

Additionally to the self explanatory operation the control is characterized by additional functions which guarantee a maximum of availability and process reliability:

  • Permanently active diagnostic programs for troubleshooting
  • Maintenance suggestions
  • Integrated virtual spare parts catalog
  • Statistic module for product tracking

Forward looking service package:

In the development department of roTeg the computer scientists and software technicians are continously working on the control system to shape it more user friendly and service oriented. This includes for example the link between the spare parts catalog with the automatic wear indicator and the connection to an online shop. This makes it possible to reorder required wear parts in time without claming any additional storage costs.

PC-Control for palletizing robots:

The palletizing robots of the type PARO® are controlled by an idustrial PC. The communication between the control and the regulators / drives takes place via the proven CAN bus which is known from the automotive industry. Consequently there is a less cabling effort. The software developed in house offers extensive diagnostic options.

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