The roTeg palletizing robots

Efficient: The palletizing robot system PARO® has a modular structure. This is how the palletizing room can be optimally adapted to the palletizing task – even afterwards. The spectrum ranges from standard single place cells which are not bigger than the pallet itself, to palletizing systems with twelve or more palletizing stations. All of this is easily determined by a correspondingly long horizontal axis.

Profitable: The palletizing robot PARO®  is a four-axis robot whose axis have a special guide system: Profiled, teflon coated Vulkollanrollers run on polished stainless steel tubes. This system has proven itself to be robust and maintenance free. With this simple system technology a lot of industrial handling processes are economically automated in different performance areas. The PARO® is durable and also suitable for the use in extreme enviroments. All in all the robot offers a good price-performance ratio.

Easy: An industrial PC with a large touchscreen is used so that the palletizer can be controlled in a user friendly manner. This enables the employees to control the robot without the need for extensive training. The control system is based on a robot controller developed in house by roTeg with CAN communication to the drive system. The regulators are in the “belly” of the palletizing robot so that the wiring effort is low. With this control all components of the palletizing system can be managed. Furthermore the operators can easily generate and edit new packaging schemes.

The advantages at a glance

  • Robust and low maintenance machine technology

  • User friendly control system

  • Palletizing height 1.800 mm (optional 2.600 mm)

  • Kinematics optimized for packages and pallets

  • 1 – 12 palletizing stations

  • Low investment costs

  • Fast amortization

Palletizing robot type PARO®

Details on the palletizing robot type PARO®

Palletizing robot PARO®
• Laser cut precision
• Made in Germany
• Robust, durable execution
• Four driven servo axes
• PC control with CAN bus technology

Modular gripping area
•  Adaptable gripping space in all axes
•  Gripping space for either 1 to 12 pallets
•  Gripping height / gripping space height according to customer requirements

Drive concept
• Servo motors with resolve technology
• Low maintenenace gears
• Robust linear guides

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Depallatizing robot type DERO

Details about the DERO depallatizing robot

Depallatizing robot DERO
• Depallatize in layers
• 3 axes robot
• Series 800 for euro pallets
• Series 1000 for industry pallets
• Proven PARO® control technology
• Low maintenance, robust construction

How the depallatizer works
• Enclosing the upper package layer with a gripping system
• Peel of the layer on the integrated sheet metal
• Transport of the entire package layer including intermediate layer
• Shifting the layer onto the discharge table
• Removal of the intermediate layer and seperate storage

Special features of the depallatizing robot
• Careful product handling
• Suitable for chemicals and pharmaceuticals
• Flexible usability for different package diameters
• Variable construction for any number of pallet space

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Used components

Used robot systems and components for sale

Sometimes we have used conveyer technology components or used robots in stock. These come from customer projects or exhibitions at fairs and as demonstration systems they only have low operating hours.

If you are interested on our used machines please do not hesitate to contact us for an offer.