Pallet conveyor technology

Product features empty pallet magazine

The pallet magazine is designed to save up to 15 pallets in the stack. From the empty pallet magazine, pallets can be individually and automatically transmitted to the downstream conveyor system for supplying empty pallets to the robot system.

It is a robust, galvanized steel construction. The magazine is integrated into the central control of the robot system.

From development to production and commissioning, all departments are in our house. This ensures a tuned and thought out concept with optimal functionality.

The conveyor technology is operated via our roTeg-Control. The sofware developed in house is optimal adapted to the wishes of the customers and ensures smooth and coordinated processes.

Also peripherals such as pallet wrappers and labelers can be combined with the conveyor technology. By communicating with a merchandise system the tracking of product batches is possible.


By using pallet magazines, a pallet can be transported to the palletizing station without negatively affecting the performance of the palletizing robot. The degree of automation will be raised and the production performance increased. The robot automatically retrieves the required empty pallets from the empty pallet magazine.

The instant exchange of full against empty pallets is crucial for the palletizing performance of the robot.

Empty pallet magazine
Empty pallet magazine

Application advantages

  • The performance of the palletizer remains stable

  • Increase in the degree of automation

  • Self sufficient supply of empty pallets

  • Increase in palletizing performance



  • 15 empty pallets

  • Automatic separation

  • Robust, galvanized steel construction

  • Integration into the central control of the robot

  • Automatic format adjustment for euro and industrial pallets

Application examples in the palletizing system

Pallet magazine


Use for production

The empty pallet magazine saves up to 15 empty pallets with euro or industrial pallet size. The format is adapted automatically.

The palletizing performance is increased by increasing the degree of automation.