History of roTeg

From the idea to series production

Since the 80s a trend towards the use of robots in industrial productions has developed. Next to those big manufacturers with assembly line productions also small companies are more interested on the use of robots.

Especially at the beginning of the 90s palletizing is more important for intralogistics and presents the companies with new tasks and challenges. Since the beginning of this development we deal with the optimization of production processes in the fields of logistics and final packaging.

Today we provide the market with efficient tools for their production with our products. Benfit from our knowhow from the first idea to series production.

From an engineering office to a manufacturer

1993      Founding of roTeg mbH

1996      The first pilot device of a palletizing robot (PARO) is built and installed

1997      Order of the second PARO system after a successful inital installation

1998      Test phase and optimization under real conditions

Development of new sales areas

1999      Interpack: First participation as an exhibitor on the world`s biggest packaging fair

2000      Start of sales of the second product generation in NRW with fast onsite service

2002      Expansion of sales across Germany

2004      Move into the production hall in the technology center Dortmund (TZDO)

2006      Relocation within the TZDO with expansion of the office space

2008      Delivery of the 100th robot system

Expansion of the product range and capacity

2009      Planning for capacity expansion due to Europe-wide demand

2010      Start of construction of the new production building

2012      Move into the new location at Brennaborstraße with 1.000 square meters of production and office building

2015      Expansion of the service department (24/7)

2016      Delivery of the 250th robot system in Europe, North America and Russia

2018      Delivery of the 300th robot system

Business areas today


  • Palletizing robot PARO
  • Depalletizing robot DERO I
  • Depalletizing robot DERO II
  • Gripping technology
  • Control


  • Package conveyor technology
  • Pallet magazine
  • Turning station
  • Corner transfer
  • Trolley


  • Refinery technology
  • Power plant technology
  • Measurement and testing technology
  • Production technology
  • Packaging technology
  • Housing technology
  • Services
  • Mechanical engineering

Service roTeg

  • Support 24/7
  • Remote maintenance
  • Spare parts
  • Warranty
Business share Germany 64 %
Business share foreign countries Europe 30 %
Business share foreign countries not-EU 6 %

Then until now – our milestones

Goals and priorities of our work

Since 1993 the company roTeg is active in the field robot technology and due to the innovative ideas of their engaged workforce the firm developed to a specialist for palletizing technology. Another focus is on special mechanical engineering for power plant technology and automation solutions in potentially explosive refinery areas.

The palletizing robots we manufacture in combination with gripper technology and control software form an extremely reliable and easy to use robot system. The aim of our development is relieving the operator as much work as possible and giving them freedom. The robust construction and the constantly self-diagnosing system guarantees high availability and process reliability. Product changes or even programming of new packaging schemes are entered immediately by the operating staff themselves using the menu. In order to achieve an efficient design of the robot cell, pallet conveyor technology manufactures by us is used in order to be able to continue palletizing without interrupting the production process.


Project meeting

Konstruktion nach Kundenwunsch

Construction according to customer requirements

Anlagen im Bau

Test stand for robot systems under construction