roTeg Fördertechnik

Conveyor technology

The instant exchange of full for empty pallets is crucial for the palletizing performance of a robot. In order to achieve an efficient design of the robot cell, pallet conveyor technology is used to continue palletizing without interrupting the production process. A operator intervention in the robot cell to change the pallets is no more necessary. The exchange happens fully automatically through the control of the robot by using the integrated software PARO-Control.

In addition multifunctional grippers increase efficiency:                                                                                                                                                                                 Set up and change rimes are eliminated due to the combination of different gripping tools on a robot flange. Several container types can be palletized without interruption during production and even mixed on one pallet.

to package conveyor technology
to pallet conveyor technology

Blown away: Conveyor technology also for clean rooms or wet areas.

roTeg not only delivers the robot system but also the corresponding peripherals consisting of pallet magazines and conveyor technology such as labeler, printer or scanner. Thereby the efficiency and production performance of the robot cell can be increased again. The basis to this is the delay free and fully automatic exchange of full against empty pallets.

Well planned:

Every conveyor system from roTeg is exactly planned and adapted to the respective requirements. During the conception we consider the type of material to be conveyed, the distance to be covered, the heights to be overcome and the enviromental conditions. Conveyor elements can be roller tracks or conveyors made of flat belts or chains.

From easy care to rust free:

roTeg has the experience and the know-how to also deliver productions in wet or clean rooms with the respective conveyor technology. If it is a clean room the conveyor elements have to be easy to care for and must not have any dirty corners. If the robot is used in a wet area it is important to use rust free and water permeable conveyor material.

With everything that goes with it:

Pallet transport, package conveyor technology, strech and dating systems – all from the same source. Remote diagnosis tools and the data connection to ERP systems complete the roTeg automation program.