Examples of palletizing robot grippers for individual packages

Palletizing robot with a special gripper for Hobbocks

  • Lid friendly palletizing due to the triple handle under the edge
  • Palletizing of two different bucket sizes with automatic gripper adjustment
  • The packages are set down with milimeter precision due to the rotatable end pieces of the gripping fingers
  • Handling of buckets weighing up to 30 kg

Palletizing robot with standard gippers for cardboard boxes

  • Standard gripper for 1 product size
  • Safe gripping through vacuum technology
  • Simplest construction

Palletizing robot with special gripper for bagged goods

  • Standard lower gripper with fork elements
  • Very stable product handling regardless of the filling level and flow property
  • Very good layer formation and therefore high transport stability
  • Suitable for all types of bags up to 40 kg

Palletizing robot with special gripper for long goods

  • Standard clamping grippers for bulky long goods
  • Gentle gripping due to the nib system
  • For different product dimensions